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Kate (Katarzyna Morton) is a dedicated human rights activist with a massive record of high level work for women rights and equality.  Combining this unique experience with being a dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor, she created ground-breaking teaching dance methodologies that help people to open up, let go and purify their body from negative emotions and traumas while they learn to enjoy themselves. The Body Expressive Method of teaching is a foundation to Chair Dance Express, and Partyrobics format as well as other trainings that are expanding world-wide and being introduced not only at gyms, pole studios, dance studios but also prestigious European universities. Her work has been widely recognized by state institutions and national and international media.

Kate (Katarzyna Morton)  is an experienced woman rights activist, creator of the Body Expressive method of teaching, Chair Dance Express concept, Partyrobics concept. She is a mental health advocate, the owner of the Body Expressive dance studio. Trainer of instructors, working with state institutions, universities, pole dance studios, dance studios and gyms around the world and having her work widely covered by international media.