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MEMBERSHIP PRICE 15+ VAT (18 Euro) per month

Monthly Membership 18€ / month

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Yearly Subscription 216€ / year

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Membership Benefits

  • Being part of the CHDE network and listed as a CHDE instructor on the website;
  • Access to promo-materials, usage of logo and CHDE visuals;
  • Access to the Educational Materials (teaching technique, communication guidelines, step-inspirations videos);
  • You are allowed to use all choreographies of your Master Instructors (just do not forget to give credits to the creator);
  • 25% discount to all the open workshops and intense instructor development trainings of your Master Instructor (educator);
    Constant mentoring and support of your Master Instructor (educator);
  • Priority is given to you, when subscribing to the CHDE events or any other events of the Partyrobics Fitness;
  • We totally promote everything you do, will try to include you in different opportunities that are coming up for instructors and create some for you to expand your working potential.